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There are currently around 318 crematoriums in the UK from which you can choose; some of which are council owned crematoriums, others are privately run. There is no requirement to be a resident near the crematorium you use; you can decide which one you prefer however local residents may pay a slightly lower rate, especially with council run crematoria. You can select any crematorium that you find suitable.

These days more than 70% of the population choose a cremation funeral over a burial service; mainly because unless you have access to a burial plot already, cremation is a cheaper option. It is also viewed by many as more straightforward and easier to arrange.

The majority of crematoriums will allow a 45 minute slot for each service. This will include time for family and friends to arrive and enter the chapel; a 25 to 30 minute service and time for mourners to leave and pay their respects to the family.

Longer services are available with some crematoriums or a double slot could also be arranged but both of these options will of course incur additional fees.